Paper Dragons - Die to Please

Paper Dragons
Die to Please LP

[January 2013]

Paper Dragons are a Baltimore punk band featuring former and current members of Deep Sleep, The Spark, Dead Mechanical, Pulling Teeth, Bad Business...the list goes on. These guys have been around quite a while. The band actually formed in 2006, played around for a year, and then took an extended break, but not before recording this album with Kevin Bernsten, and releasing it digitally with different artwork. Now that they're back in action again, we thought this would be a great time to give it a proper vinyl release. Ten songs of uniquely crafted punk rock that melds the members' other offerings with a fresh spin on things.

Comes with a digital download code.

Split release with Southpaw Records and Wallride Records.

Pressing Info

1st press:

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  1. Brain Drain
  2. Midnight Bike Rides
  3. Annihilate the Need
  4. The Beginning of the End
  5. Fool Me Twice
  6. Senseless Things
  7. Pictures of Drummers
  8. Hold My Breath
  9. Inside My Head
  10. Die To Please