Run Down - American Despair b/w The Coming

Run Down
American Despair b/w The Coming 7" single

[August 2011]

Shortly after the demise of The Breaks and Formaldehyde Junkies, Joseph Sulier (vocalist for the former) and Colin Swanson-White (drummer for the latter) got together to work on a long distance project (St. Louis - Minneapolis) inspired by the those late-70s garage and post-punk bands that drenched themselves in darkness and depression (think an amalgamation of bands like Crime, Dead Boys, The Gun Club, and The Birthday Party). The two primary song-writers (Joseph on vocals/lyrics and Colin on everything else) wrangled up a crew to fill out the line-up, play a few shows, and record this 2-song single back in 2007. We unfortunately had to sit on releasing this until now for a myriad of reasons but now that the duo have regrouped as Voight-Kampff and just self-released their debut full-length cassette, we thought the time had come for this single to see the light of day. Limited to 300, we highly suggest you hop on this with haste.

Pressing Info

1st press:

10 tests. "TEST PRESS - FR12 - #/10" stamped on A side.

more coming soon...


  1. American Despair
  2. The Coming