The Breaks - ...Are Broke

The Breaks
...Are Broke 7" EP

[February 2008]

The Breaks are back (sorta) and bringing you five more songs of midwest desperation and no-coast bitterness. Fast and raw with just the right amount of fist-pumping catchiness, the Breaks pull no punches. These five songs were recorded at the same time as their "Get Saved" 7". Two of the songs were meant to be included on that record but were left off due to a mastering error. The other songs weren't going to be released but we felt like they were too good to let them be forgotten so this posthumous release will help ensure that these St. Louis ragers won't soon be forgotten.

Pressing Info

1st press:

9 tests. "Firestarter Records - the Breaks - test press" stamped on A side.

7 on black/green marble vinyl with "FIRESTARTER RECORDS - Pississippi - #/7" stamped on the sleeve.

100 on green vinyl.

393 on black vinyl.


  1. 1907
  2. He Hasn't Even Paid His Dues
  3. Catch a Bad One
  4. What's Up, Fraud?
  5. Wolves With No Teeth