Moment of Youth - Sometimes...

Moment of Youth
Sometimes... 7" EP

[February 2006]


This is the final release from this DC area hardcore/punk band that started out as an incredibly authentic Teen Idles carbon copy and slowly morphed into a truly unique band of outcasts. The songs on this record still hold on to a shred of that early 80s DC hardcore influence, but take that sound and add layers and layers of darkness, despair, and pure hatred for the useless commonality enveloping their suburban surroundings. This is Dischord's "1981: The Year In 7"s" on a morphine drip and a Zoloft/Paxil cocktail in between routine visits to the anger management counselor.

This record marks the initial release in Firestarter's "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes" limited edition vinyl series, featuring one-time only pressings of 300 copies on a single color. In other words, this thing won't be around for very long so get your copy right away!

Fun fact: This record was released on February 22nd, 2006 - four years to the day of Moment of Youth's first show ever.

Pressing Info

1st press:

12 tests. "Moment of Youth - test press" stamped on A side.

300 on black vinyl with regular cover and obi strip.


  1. Take It Back
  2. Destroyed Everything
  3. Shit Existence
  4. Kill Bill O'Reilly
  5. In Truth
  6. A Reject
  7. Dimidiate