Jean Mills Society Torch - Start Tomorrow

Jean Mills Society Torch
Start Tomorrow 7" EP

[February 2008]

From the outer reaches of rural Maryland comes the state's best kept secret. Boredom, hate for the ignorance all around you, and a spiteful sense of humor combine to create some pretty good hardcore. Throw in a love of Japanese punk and you've got something really special. Like a perfect blend of Jellyroll Rockheads, Exclaim, Necros, and the Meatmen. It's fast, it's furious, it's fun. The band features past and present members of the Spark, Deep Sleep, the Jons, Head Home, and Paper Dragons.

The Maximumrocknroll review pretty much hits it dead on: "If you like getting drunk on a couple of 40s of Olde English and eating Taco Bell with a couple of friends while listening to the Necros and Negative Approach and Iron Maiden on cassette, this is the jam for you. Reminiscing my younger days in the Midwest when hardcore was good, fast, silly, and brutal all at the same time. I love this record and so will you. And I'm not even going to mention the lyrics, which are awesome as hell. If Sex Vid and Double Negative turn your head, Jean Mills Society Torch will break your fucking neck. (JH)" [#301, June 2008]

Pressing Info

1st press:

5 tests on purple (#1-5). "Firestarter Records - JMST - Test Press" stamped on A side.

5 tests on black (#6-10). "Firestarter Records - JMST - Test Press" stamped on A side.

9 on marble vinyl with "murder burger, #/9" stamped on sleeve.

91 on orange vinyl.

400 on black vinyl.


  1. Routine Is Mean
  2. Pushing the White Box
  3. Fight Your Own Fire
  4. Headbanger's Ball
  5. Where's Da Sauce?!
  6. Strumpet
  7. I Hate Police
  8. Pro-Choice
  9. Public Education
  10. Robocop Masturbating