Looks Like Rain / The Infamous - split

Looks Like Rain / The Infamous
split 7" EP

[October 2002]

Looks Like Rain bring you their final and finest recording. Three songs of pissed off, yet positive hardcore. A great way to go out. The Infamous' half of this record is a remastered version of their brilliant demo. Four songs of fury and frustration. Sadly, this was the band's only release, as they broke up before it even saw the light of day. Two DC area bands that will be missed, but fortunately for us, spawned three great new bands: the Spark, Never Enough, and the Hate Crimes. Incredible artwork by Jason Powell puts the icing on this cake.

(Released under the Go Home Records name. Split release with Sick of Talk Records [now Grave Mistake Records].)

Pressing Info

1st press:

10 tests

32 on blue/green/black mix vinyl or muddy clear yellow - "friends press"

115 on blue vinyl - "mailorder press"

50 on black with record release cover

record release cover (flip side)

89 on yellow vinyl with regular cover

216 on black vinyl with regular cover


  1. Failed Attempt at Masonry
  2. Get 'Em While They're Dancing
  3. Disrespectful To Dirt (aka More Mosh In the Monitors)
  4. Behind the Blinders
  5. Goodbye to Italy
  6. Living For Nothing (Dying For Less)
  7. The Dead Kids