10 tests. "Nux Vomica - Test Press" stamped on A side.

1st pressing: 500 copies on black vinyl with regular cover and poster.

2nd pressing: 500 on sewage vinyl (grey, brown, black mix) with regular cover and poster.
FR08: Nux Vomica - The Uninspired 7" [July 2005]

How do we get so lucky as to get to release all of these debut EPs from so many great bands? Nux Vomica is the next in a string of great debut releases from Firestarter. This amazing band features members of the Baltimore juggernaut Wake Up On Fire, but this band is less Neurosis, more Venom meets His Hero Is Gone. This was recorded and mixed at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC (Kylesa, Guyana Punch Line) and as you would expect, it sounds great. It's a 3-song rager of epic crust/punk/metal/thrash proportions. It's fast, it's metal, it's heavy, it's inpsiring (ironic, i know). It's all of this and more. Be prepared for the desecration of all that you hold sacred. Amazing artwork from Little Debee as well!
(split release with Torture Garden Picture Company)

track listing:
1. Fuck Ageist Sympathy
2. the Uninspired
3. Hiding